To suit our local specifications and requirements, we modify a few hundred Japanese domestic-used industrial generators. Some old model generators to meet the new model specifications (for example: installing A.V.R for Brush Type Generator). More than 50 units of 125 KVA Caterpillar, MAN and Cummins Generators have been modified with our control systems according to the international standards.

Data & Library

This department collects the actual data from the work sites and assess them. The collected data will facilities the designing of all our Control Products and sharing knowledge with the users for efficient operation with minimum breakdowns.


SSCL also gives counseling for the maintenance of factory machines. This includes drawing of the Planned Maintenance Schedule (P.M.S) for all factory machines according to the maker’s instructions, considering the prevalent situations. It will help the machines to perform with minimize breakdowns and to get maximum performance with long life.

ရံုးခ်ဳပ္ - ျခံအမွတ္- ၁၂ ၊ ဧရာ၀ဏ္ရိပ္သာ ၊ ဧရာ၀ဏ္လမ္း ၊ သာေကတျမိ ဳ ့နယ္ ၊ ရန္ကုန္ျမိ ဳ ့
ဖုနး္ - ၀၁-၅၅၁၀၈၀ ၊ ၀၉-၅၀၀၆၅၂၀ ၊ ၀၉-၅၁၅၉၀၄၇၊ ၀၉-၄၂၀၀၂၀၈၆၅

ရံုးခြဲ (၁) - ျခံအမွတ္ -၁၄ (ခ) ၊ ဧရာ၀ဏ္အျပင္လမ္း ၊ ၁ အေနာ္မာရပ္ကြက္ ၊ သာေကတျမိ ဳ့နယ္ ၊ ရန္ကုန္ျမိဳ ့
ဖုန္း - ၀၉-၄၅၀၀၁၈၀၂၄ ၊ ၀၉-၇၈၄၆၉၁၄၈၅l

ရံုးခြဲ (၂) - ျခံအမွတ္ - ၁၁၅၆ ၊ ႏွုင္းဆီး(၃) လမ္း ၊ ပုဗၹသီရီျမို ့နယ္ ၊ ေနျပည္ေတာ္
ဖုန္း - ၀၉-၉၇၄၂၀၂၃၅၃

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